Submarine Stuff

How does a periscope work? Answer!

How do submarine officers quickly calculate the firing angle of a torpedo? With the “Dumaresq”, a mechanical tool. This Site contains 3 videos explaining the theory behind the Dumaresq. (Link)

Besides, these are rare records of an US submarine-attack on a Japanese battleship and an oil tanker in WW2 (Link)

And last but not least high-end submarine models by Jess Montgomery.


Documentary – WW1 Planes

A 60 Minutes documentary on YouTube by the Discovery Channel about the fighter planes used in the first World War. It shows how hurried the engineering for these planes were and what tricks the engineers used to build the planes, but also outlines the course of the air combat during the war. Read more of this post

Mechanical Animals – Engineering and Art

Engineering as an dedicated art is fascinating, because it stands complamentary to its known purpose: efficient, cost-effective, invisible. Famous are for example Theo Jansen’s work and the things that Arthus Ganson builds.

An exhibition of mechanical art, which features also the work of Arthur Ganson, takes place at the beatuiful Phæneo in Wolfsburg (Germany) from 23.2.-29.6.2008.

Arthur Ganson (YouTube)
Theo Jansen (YouTube)
Theo Jansen (ArtFutura Article)
Kinetic Clock (George Rhoads)
Kinetic Sculptures (U-Ram Choe)
Mechanical Insects (Mike Libby)

Gears Of War

A Volkswagen DSG as a model from UK. Nice engineering, with the small V8 you’ve got almost half a car.

Short description, a long in-depth description and the obligatary YouTube Video.

Miniature engines, powered by compressed air

Liney Machines offers small, pressure-driven engines, which you can build by yourself with the adequate minature CNC machines or order them prebuilt. The most fascinating is the 5 cylinder radial engine, named Halo (YouTube).

V8 Miniature Engines

They are available from Conley Precision for 5300 $. Some guys in germany built a fully working miniature v12 and a small 14 cylinder radialengine and they have a projectwebsite for the V12 here.
Of course they are not alone: The man behind Weber Precision shows how he built his mini-V8 and explains some technical details like camshaft timings, and someone named “Ken” presents his engineering skills at his site.
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