Useful Applications for University

These are some Mac applications I use on a regular basis while studying

1. Elements as my very sophisticated periodic table. Provides every information necessary and has a decent look and feel to it.
2. Grapher is a mathematical plot software, included in OS X. The biggest advantage over almost every other mathematical software is its approach for displaying and editing the equotations in a readable format. Instead of throwing something like \sum_{i=0}^n i^3$ at you, it displays \sum_{i=0}^n i^3 like it should be. Sadly, Grapher lacks documentation and tutorials, so it is kind of hard to get into but very rewarding in the end.
3. MathType is a tool to generate LaTex equations quick and in a humane way. Drawback: Very expensive (57$).
4. texMaker as my preferred LaTex editor.
5. pearDict is a freeware translation tool for the desktop with
6. iFlash is a virtual flash-card application. It supports different learning modes, integrates audio and pictures and offers a good workflow.
7. NovaMind proves itself very useful for mind mapping, because you can generate mindmaps really fast. It looked and felt a little bit weird at the beginning, but as soon as I got the hang of it, i didn’t want to switch back to OmniGraffle.


One Response to Useful Applications for University

  1. Ashli Norton says:

    There is also Cram for Mac. Cram helps students prepare for tests with flashcards AND multiple-choice tests.

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