YouTubeHD and Machinima

Stage 6 is a video platform, that uses a DivX-Plugin instead of Flash, so the quality of the material is lightyears ahead of YouTube. I especially like it as an platform for machinima and there are of course some recommendations so far…

Team Fortress 2 Griefing
Red vs. Blue

Pacific Fury

Bild 1.png


Bild 2.png

Dr. Strangeman: Or How I Stopped …

Bild 4.png

Battlefield 2: The Pwned Life

Bild 6.png

Ignis Solus – The Lonely Pyro

Bild 7.png

Combine Nation: Episode 1 & Episode 2

Bild 8.png

Maintenance Man

Bild 9.png

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